The Other Half Director: JOEY KLEIN / 2016 / CANADA / 103 MINUTES / TORONTO PREMIERE / RATED 18A

Everybody carries everything they ever did and experienced into a relationship, and sometimes that excess baggage can leave little room for anything new. That’s when it’s time to purge. But this is easier said than done for Emily (Tatiana Maslany) and Nicky (Tom Cullen), who are carrying things not easily dropped: she’s a bipolar woman who lives only on the emotional extremities, and he’s still careening from a family trauma that leaves him explosively angry. An unflinching but moving account of people trying to breach their own issues to reach each other, The Other Half is a made-in-Toronto romantic drama learning how to carry each other’s baggage.

Special thanks to Mongrel Media.
Co-presented with Canadian Film Centre, Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME) and Mood Disorders Association of Ontario