Le Divan du Monde / The World on a Couch SWEN DE PAUW / 2014 / FRANCE / 96 MINUTES / TORONTO PREMIERE / RATING 18A

The Strasbourg office of the psychiatrist Georges Federmann is a case for treatment in itself: crammed with books, newspapers and clippings, with barely enough room for doctor and patient to face each other across a paper-strewn desk. But if the space suggests madness, Federmann’s method conveys something else. It is ordered, precise and singularly attuned to whomever arrives to unpack their psychic baggage. As a documentary portrait of both an unorthodox psychiatric practice and an unusual man, Swen de Pauw’s Le Divan du Monde (World on a Couch) is a verité-styled revelation. No one who has ever experienced treatment or practiced it will fail to be spellbound.