Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival 1993

12 and 1/2 Cents
Rene Bonniere

A Map
Susan Lynch

Alligator Shoes
Clay Borris

Jed DeCory

An Intelligent Woman
Kim Derko

Beet Borscht
Lorraine Gregson

Beyond Control: Tales of Survival Bruce Cattle
Brian McKinnon & Adele Rosenbloom

Book Reader Navigator
Peter Ivanskiv

Crazy House
Louis del Grande

Dancing In The Dark
Leon Marr

Defy Gravity
Michael Gibson

Beverly Taft

Face to Face
Len Little

Friends and Advocates
Friends and Advocates of North York

Full Moon Darkness
Carel E. Brown

Grandview – The Lost Years
Tina Petrova

Hall Noises
Jeff Winch

How To Be A Girl
Naomi McCormick

In Search of Joy
Isabel Fryszberg & Tracy Thompson

Into The Heart
Henryk Bartul

Jimmy’s Coming
Milan Cheylov & Lori Lansens

Paulette Phillips

David Laing Dawson

My Dad
Canadian Mental Health Association – Ontario Division

Not By The Book
Kari Scogland

Not Until Doomsday
Michal Golinski

Our Hero Virgil Huffenmeister
Marten J. Granger

Richard Benning

People Are Strange
Ivan Javanovich

Removing The Mask
Karen Spacek

Schizoid Epizoid
Kate Edwards & John Porter

Stretching Normal
Catherine Glen & Diane Roberts

The Impact of Schzophernia on the Family: Journey Through Turbulence
Dr. Sylvia Geist

The Orientation Express
Francis Leeming

The Scientific Girl
Kim Derko

Grahame Woods

Who Cares?
David Laing Dawson